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For Choosing an Advanced Session.

Advanced Sessions

Clients opting for an advanced session may choose to combine two themes; or, when working with individual relationships, up to five separate relationships.  Clients selecting an advanced session also receive a courtesy email within twenty-four hours of their appointment, outlining their session's energetic impressions.

Energetic impressions are designed to offer, perhaps, another perspective on things.  Some clients find this feedback helpful in either confirming their own perceptions or in opening new perspectives on an existing issue.  Impressions are never prescriptive in nature. 

All sessions are designed to develop a client's ability to review their existing circumstances, make life-affirming choices and changes, while fostering a balanced return to their own sense of knowing.  Energetic work is an excellent complement to traditional methods of personal self-care, and should never replace the treatment offered by a licensed healthcare professional.  The fee for an advanced session is 110.00 USD.

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