*Energetic work is not a replacement for services provided by licensed, healthcare professionals.  All clients purchasing sessions understand that these sessions are completely voluntary and for the purposes of self-education alone.

  We specialize in distance work.  

Please follow the protocols outlined below for optimal results.

Thank You For Your Patronage

Traditional, individualized sessions are sixty minutes in length.  Clients are asked to remove all electronic devices from the body.  Plan to remain reclining for the duration of your appointment, maintaining your focus by breathing evenly and ensuring that the duration of your exhalations and inhalations match.  Example:  exhale for a count of seven, inhale for a count of seven.  

Sensations of heat, tingling or coolness are all normal sensations.  Keep a notepad and pencil next to you, if you would like to record any insights during the session.

Twenty-four hours prior to your session, please send a two-to-three sentence email outlining your appointment's theme, including any applicable relationship information.  There is a limit of three relationships per session, which may be addressed.  [Examples: Father, Bob; First Wife, Marion; Supervisor, Mark.]  Please include a cellphone number with the email to receive an appointment confirmation by text.  Sample session themes:  Relocation; Professional transition; Personal transition; Care-giver support; Priorities.

Payment of 85.00 USD must be received twenty-four hours prior to your session's start time.  We are on US Central Standard Time.  Please plan to schedule your session accordingly.  Following your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email within twenty-four hours containing three to four energetic impressions garnered during the session.  These impressions are not meant to be construed as prescriptive in nature, though some clients find the energetic impressions helpful to compare to their own session or post-session notes.

Personal alignment tends to increase with subsequent appointments.  Sessions are supported through the daily practice of the breathing techniques outlined in Four Gates to Health or through another regularly established personal practice.  Grace is the mechanism through and by which all work is provided and performed.  

Rediscover Your Self

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