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Solid self-care that is confidential, convenient and approachable.

Sessions are facilitated by Julian Lynn, MFA, CEP, ERYT.  Julian is a Certified Energetic Practitioner with fourteen years of experience.  She trained with a licensed, Family Nurse Practitioner, earning her certification to practice energetic work through Possibilities Vocational School in 2002. 

Ms. Lynn has logged miles on her yoga mat and years on her meditation cushion.  After ten years of practice, she certified to teach hatha vinyasa yoga at Dorje Denma Ling in Nova Scotia , Canada, through a studio based in Halifax.  She continues to maintain a personal, devotional practice. 

Please look for Julian's books, Four Gates to Health  , Divine Fruit and Yoga's Devotional Light, on Amazon or order copies through select independent booksellers.  You may follow Julian's work on Facebook or Instagram @divine.fruit.

We offer exceptional service.

A commitment to fostering self-awareness.

Individualized sessions encourage a client's ability to resolve his or her unique inquiries--even when avenues of resolution may seem inaccessible  or when traditional methods of moving forward are proving ineffectual.  By returning to a state of core Stillness and connectivity to your inner Light, you will be able to move to a new level of awareness. 

Through Conscious Living



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