Rediscover Your Self

Through Conscious Living

Learn to read your body's cues using the concepts and practices in Four Gates to Health. Through consistent application of the book's techniques, personal and professional change are possible. Offering a practical approach to well-being designed for use with a nascent or established physical practice, each chapter includes real-life examples and a breathing practice to complement each chapter's theme. Transformation of lifestyle, attitude and outlook are all possible. This volume stands as a welcome addition to the literature of health, wellness and self-discovery. 

Offering hatha-yoga practitioners a gentle hand onto the path of a spiritual life, Yoga's Devotional Light, walks readers through a year of living devotional yoga. Included in this book are brief, daily entries, inviting a return to wonder, generously poetic notes on some of yoga's key concepts and classic texts, as well as personal, documentary essays, granting rare glimpses into one bhakti-yoga practitioner's life. Teachers, students and the curious alike will delight in the opportunity to revisit and fall in love with the Self, enhance their existing practice or embark on their own bhakti-inspired journey, with a refreshed heart and a bold, new awareness of the world.

Ushering in a striking collection of devotional verse, Divine Fruit takes its readers on a journey fraught with joy, wonder, longing and heartache for the touch of the Divine as both Lover and Beloved. Readers, having visited these states on the path of their own devotional travels, will recognize the documentary nature of the work. For those, hoping to visit such places during their daily meditations, the selections serve as points of contemplative departure. The poetry's timbre and content are crafted in the tradition of Persia's most translated second-millennial poets and imbued with a modern American sensibility or sometimes surprising twist.