Rediscover Your Self

Through Conscious Living



Q:  Does this work promote healing?

A:  Certified Energetic Work may be used in conjunction with the care provided by a licensed, healthcare professional.  Some clients have reported that sessions, when used in conjunction with traditional approaches to wellness and self-care, have assisted in their "feeling better" by building awareness of the body, breath, as well as defining previously undefined needs.

Q:  What are the advantages of distance work?

A:  Distance work allows the practitioner to focus on what is happening energetically, without the distractions of outward appearances or perceptions.  In some cases it provides a clearer view of what is happening rather than relying on issues of external presentation or narrative.

Q:  How does this work differ from Reiki?

A:  I have been privileged to serve many professional Reiki practitioners as clients, as well as many other members of the wellness community.  This experience would indicate that there is enough difference between modalities to warrant use of the services available through this site.

Q:  How often do I need to make an appointment?

A:  Clients make appointments at the intervals they determine are most appropriate for their needs.  Appointment intervals are a personal matter and should be determined by the events in an individual's life.  The more frequently sessions are scheduled, the more quickly it seems that opportunities are presented for change and the redefinition of circumstances and lifestyle.